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The Greenheart Trust has received an unprecedented number of enquiries about conservation in Guyana and ecotourism following the close of the British Bird Watching Fair in Rutland (15th to 17th August). The Greenheart Trust won the prize for the best overseas stand beating hundreds of other stands and showcasing Guyana’s magnificent natural heritage. The paintings by artist Manbe who lives in the Rupununi sparked a great deal of interest in seeing more of Guyana’s artistic heritage.

Visitors to the Greenheart Trust’s stand were keen to see Guyana’s forests and wildlife in ecologically sensitive ways and to leave Guyana’s natural heritage intact for future generations. A number of visitors have repeated their desire to deal direct with local ecotourism providers and ensure that the benefits of tourism remain in the country.

Hundreds of visitors to the Greenheart Trust stand have been referred to tourism operators looking to do business in Guyana. In response to demand at this bird watching fair the Greenheart trust is developing a package for visitors to support the work of local conservationists.


The Greenheart Trust is dedicated to the conservation and protection of Guyana’s biological diversity and works exclusively through local conservation organisations.


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