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In November 2014 the Greenheart Trust rescued Zhivago, a little donkey who had been knocked down and left to die. We picked him up and with good veterinary and nursing care he was soon back to good health. Zhivago is a gentle animal whose favourite treat is carrots dipped in coconut oil. He likes to be brushed and will sometimes gently doze off.


As we do not have a sanctuary as yet, Zhivago does not have a permanent home. Here he is taking a little rest under Melinda's house.


Charlie is a very handsome chestnut gelding. With the help of the police and a vet, Melinda was able to get Charlie away from some men who had beaten him so badly that he could not walk. With love, good veterinary and nursing care he has fully recovered.
Charlie has very definite views but responds well to cajolery and love. We hope to be able to saddle him up soon and take him on long hacks as he is definitely getting a little podgy.
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